Sticky Gel Pads (2-Pack)
Sticky Gel Pads (2-Pack)
Sticky Gel Pads (2-Pack)
Sticky Gel Pads (2-Pack)
Sticky Gel Pads (2-Pack)

Sticky Gel Pads (2-Pack)

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  • Made from strong, durable & malleable material
  • Holds objects firmly and steadily at any angle
  • Washable & Reusable
  • Safe to use under direct sunlight and high temperature
  • Easily removable from any surface without leaving any trace or stain

These gel pads are perfect for multiple functions!

Recommended Uses:

Fixate Gel Pads are recommended for use on non-porous surfaces such as painted surfaces, metal, plastic, glass, etc.

Fixate Gel Pads can be used in a number of ways throughout the home, office, school or workshop.

Here are a few examples:

•Fixing smart phones and tablets to various surfaces for steady video calling 
•Keeping figurines/desk ornaments in place and stops them from falling 
Holds up posters, cards, certificates, decorations, maps, messages, notes etc. and keeps picture frames straight 
•Cleaning lint and dirt from hard to reach places and/or small corners  

Sticky Gel Pads
• Rental housing replacement for hooks, tack or tape. No damage and keeps a strong hold