Vintage wooden storage crates

Vintage wooden storage crates for your home or garden will perfectly fit into modern interiors and can act as the main accent. You can use them instead of shelves. Placing in them your favorite books or as cabinets.

Flower pots for flowers, organize storage space with their help. In the basement for storing tools. In the kitchen for all kinds of jars and bottles, and even in the office documents.

 Vintage wooden storage crates

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When you want to get rid of old furniture, keep in mind that she can always give a second chance. At least, some of its parts. Vintage wooden storage crates this is one of the options.

Vintage wooden storage crates

We have this vintage wooden crates for sale click here

Or Crates have been sitting in a barn for years. Some of the crates may need to be washed. You will also find split chipped, and cracked wood along with some markings from age and use. Expected as it is original, old and barn fresh. Vintage wooden crates wholesale. We are a nationwide bulk distributor of hard to find antique wood crates proudly serving the entire USA whether you buy just 1 or 1,000 crates.

It turns out that there are a lot of ideas for using old boxes. Of these, you can make "boxes" to store pleasant trifles, build shelves, frames, poufs, trays and even tables. 

These crates are Gorgeous! You will love them, lots of patina!!
Also, you will not find these anywhere else. These are the last of the Mohicans!!

Approximate Measurements:

24”Length x 15 ½”Width x 8”Height
Weight: 10.5 lbs.

Vintage fruit crates are ideal for storage, shop or restaurant decor. Toy boxes tidy, log store and wedding decor cool gift. Feeling a little more enterprising (and your boxes are a little less decorative than these) then why not build some shelves out of them? Your imagination has no limits what to do with old wooden crates.

Vintage wooden storage crates - Some of our work

Vintage wooden storage crates